Is Skin Exposed To Mercury From A Thermometer Is It Dangerous?

, when I practiced one of the thermometers with holes, and the mercury dripping into the skin of my palm (maybe about 3-4 drops and I wasn’t wearing gloves) then I immediately washed my hands with running water. is it dangerous?

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Mercury (Hg) or Mercury is a strong metal that melts at room temperature. One of the uses is for liquid mercury thermometer fillers. The use of mercury thermometers has actually begun to be replaced by digital thermometers. However, there are still cases of someone who is exposed to broken mercury thermometers. Indeed this is very dangerous. Because the skin is exposed to mercury in large amounts and can experience inflammation for a long time. Mercury can also be absorbed into the body in the bloodstream, causing mercury poisoning. In addition, poisoning can also occur due to swallowing or inhalation. Mercury liquid is very volatile into an odorless gas. Someone who is poisoned will complain of nausea, dizziness, pins and needles, impaired coordination, impaired vision, hearing loss, muscle weakness, etc. You can read here.
There is only a little mercury in the thermometer. You can pay attention to the response of your skin as a result. If a rash appears on exposed skin afterwards, you can consult the nearest doctor. Especially if you feel the symptoms of mercury poisoning.
Although there is only a small amount of mercury in the thermometer, you should replace the mercury thermometer with a digital thermometer. Wrap the broken mercury thermometer in plastic before throwing it away, treat the same thing for the light bulb (which also has mercury in it). Wash thoroughly every time exposed to mercury using soap.
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