Is Someone Who Consumes 3 Bottles Of ARV A PLHA?

Illustration of Is Someone Who Consumes 3 Bottles Of ARV A PLHA?
Illustration: Is Someone Who Consumes 3 Bottles Of ARV A PLHA?

Hello. R nI want to ask if someone who consumed 3 bottles of ARV is positive with PLHA? does the doctor prescribe according to the stage? Then if he has consumed 3 bottles, is he already bad?

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Hello Ade Wu Thank you for asking

ARV stands for Anti Retro Viral, and is usually given to people who have HIV infection. Before discussing further about this therapy, it is necessary to know about PLWHA, HIV-AIDS infection and the severity or stage of HIV itself.

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is the virus that causes AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome). The virus will damage the human immune system by destroying CD4 cells. CD4 is known as a cell that plays a role in human immunity, so that if a lot of CD4 is destroyed, the sufferer will experience a decrease in the immune system, therefore it is called 'Immunodeficiency' so that it is susceptible to infection. If the infection is left untreated, it will develop into AIDS, where AIDS is a collection of symptoms that arise in the late stages of HIV infection. And most sufferers die at this stage.

A person can be said to have HIV or be diagnosed with HIV by looking at the symptoms and having high risk behaviors. High-risk behaviors, for example, homosexual relationships, sex workers (commercial sex workers), and having sex with multiple partners. However, in 1 to 2 months after infection there are usually no typical symptoms, patients usually only complain of complaints such as flu, fever, nausea or vomiting, or no symptoms at all. Therefore, usually a patient will be screened for antibodies, and this examination includes a fairly fast and accurate examination. If the result is positive, a person can be said to be ODHA, namely People With HIV-AIDS. After this screening test is positive, the doctor will usually perform the next tests needed to determine the stage of the patient's infection, and help the doctor determine the appropriate treatment method. Here are some things to check for example:

CD 4: HIV infection will destroy CD4 cells, so that the CD4 count will be less and that means the more likely a person has AIDS. HIV infection progresses to AIDS when the CD4 Viral Load or HIV-RNA results: to determine the progress of HIV infection The following articles you can read regarding: Symptoms of HIV-AIDS

Until now, there is no medicine that can cure HIV-AIDS. However, if a person is infected with HIV and shows a positive result on a person's eating check it can be called ODHA. PLWHA will immediately receive ARV therapy. ARV drugs are a type of drug that only slows down the development of the virus, so it can reduce the rate of viral division, and slow down the destruction of CD4 cells. So that this drug can improve the quality of life for sufferers.

ARV drugs themselves have various classes and different ways of working, doctors will provide appropriate therapy according to the sufferer's clinical condition. Here are some examples of ARV drugs used to treat cases of HIV infection:

Efavirenz Lamivudin Zidovudin Nevirapine Etavirine Standard treatment according to WHO must be given at least a combination of 3 types or ARV or often called triple therapy. But keep in mind that this will depend on the findings of symptoms and examination in each patient. And while taking ARV drugs, doctors will monitor the number of viruses and CD4 cells to assess the patient's response to treatment. So it is very important that routine control is in accordance with doctor's recommendations, and the need to take medication to prevent drug resistance.

So that the severity of the condition is determined by the stage of the patient which is seen based on clinical symptoms that occur in the patient and also additional examinations such as CD44 and viral load examination. And the treatment that will be given will depend on the results of blood tests and also the symptoms that appear in the patient. ARV treatment will also usually be given triple therapy or a combination of various types or classes of drugs. Therefore, it can be said that the number of bottles of ARV drugs alone cannot be used as a determinant of whether the sufferer is experiencing a severe level of condition or not.

That's all the answers from us, hopefully it's useful.

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