Is Strep Throat A Symptom Of Corona?

Illustration of Is Strep Throat A Symptom Of Corona?
Illustration: Is Strep Throat A Symptom Of Corona?

good night doc, these past few hours I have a sore throat when drinking or eating. and ears are rather hot, I often drink the soft drink, and smoke. well lately I hear that co-19 news is everywhere, I’m a little worried if I catch this virus. oh yes I also stay up all night doing college assignments at home, that’s all the doc thank you

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Hello Rama, thank you for asking

Sore throat is a symptom of an illness. Most causes are inflammation due to infection, both due to viruses, fungi, and bacteria. Variations in pain that appear on sore throats are dry feeling, burning sensation until pain due to irritation in the throat. Often sore throat is also followed by other symptoms, namely fever, cough, runny nose, nasal congestion, or as you feel now that the ears feel hot. Various symptoms can be caused by diseases caused by viruses and bacteria, although the dominant cause is a virus. The diseases include:

 Pharyngitis Tonsillitis ISPA Influenza COVID-19 All of the above diseases can be infected by viruses or bacteria. If due to bacteria need antibiotics to reduce symptoms. If the virus is the originator, most will recover by themselves, because the virus will be resisted with a good immune system or immune system, so strengthen your immune system by adopting a healthy lifestyle, eating nutritious food, drinking 8 glasses of water a day, take a multivitamin to increase endurance.

To determine whether you are infected by the corona virus or not, it is not enough to distinguish the symptoms. People suspected of having COVID-19 need to have a history of traveling to a local transmission area or COVID-19 outbreak, contact with people from the area of ​​the outbreak, and contact with a confirmed positive COVID-19. Patients who suffer from COVID-19 also have symptoms not only sore throat but there is fever, cough, to shortness. But all the symptoms have not appeared in people who have been infected but are still in the incubation period that does not have any symptoms. So it will be difficult for us to immediately find out whether someone is infected or not. A definitive diagnosis of COVID-19 is obtained from a throat swab.

To prevent transmission of the corona virus, as much as possible stay at home and do social distancing because we do not know whether someone has been infected with the corona virus or not. In order to find out your risk for corona virus infection, please check corona risk here.

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