Is Tachycardia Dangerous And Curable?

Illustration of Is Tachycardia Dangerous And Curable?
Illustration: Is Tachycardia Dangerous And Curable?

Hello my name is atin, I am 24 years old, about 1.5 years ago, I had insomnia, and my heart was pounding, then I underwent an EKG, the EKG results showed that my tachycardia was prescribed by diazepam at that time, and it was just this afternoon. check the heart rate is 113 per minute, and it will accelerate when I consume caffeine, and I am easily shocked, how is tachycardia dangerous and can it be cured?

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Hello Atin, thank you for the question to

Tachycardia is a condition where the heart rate exceeds 100 times per minute. This condition can be dangerous or not. Physiologically (normal), heart rate can increase up to more than 100 times per minute when someone is exercising or doing certain strenuous activities, stressed or emotional (including being scared, worried, or panicked), fatigue, etc. Consumption of certain drugs, smoking, alcohol consumption, and also consumption of caffeine can also increase one's heart rate. Various diseases can also cause an increase in heart rate, including:

disorders of the heart, for example arrhythmias, heart failure, congenital abnormalities of the heart, etc.

anemia and sudden loss of blood
severe infection
electrolyte disturbance

Whether tachycardia is dangerous and whether it can be cured depends, of course, on the cause of the tachycardia itself. It is better if you consult a doctor directly so that you can further examine the cause of the tachycardia you are experiencing.

For now, some things you can do:

try to reduce stress
get enough sleep and rest every day (at least sleep 7-9 hours a day)
drink enough every day (at least 2-3 liters a day)
eat nutritious food in sufficient quantities every day
avoid smoking, drinking coffee and alcohol

If you want to take a heart rate measurement, you must rest at least 5 minutes, then take a measurement. Measurements must be made for 1 full minute to get accurate results. If indeed you continue to feel uncomfortable symptoms such as palpitations, chest pain, or shortness of breath, you should check with your doctor so that you can do a more complete examination of your condition.

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