Is The Baby’s Penis 1 Month Swollen After Circumcision?

Doctor, my child is 1 month old and circumcised by the alisclamp method … a few hours after that his penis was swollen and there was a hematoma … The day after that the hematoma was getting wider, the swelling was still ttp ad … Is this dangerous? thank you..

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Circumcision or circumcision is a medical procedure performed to cut the skin of the foreskin or prepuce so that it helps urine pass directly without contact with the prepuce.
In certain conditions, circumcision can be medically indicated, such as recurrent urinary tract infections, pain when urinating due to obstructions during urination, or because of trauma to the prepuce / penis.
For circumcision can be done with a variety of techniques, so that this condition needs discussion between the patient's family and the surgeon who handles it to know the patient's condition directly and to ascertain what steps to be taken.
In connection with your question, in 1 month infants or children who are circumcised, circumcision actions with alisclamp or other circumcision techniques, have side effects such as complaints of pain, swelling, circumcision sores, and sometimes bleeding or infection. However, the side effects of circumcision will gradually improve after the initial phase has passed, which is 3-4 days after circumcision. Furthermore, these complaints will gradually recover and if swelling is found, then the swelling will immediately decrease and it is expected that on the 6th or 7th day, the swelling will improve and heal.
However, if complications of infection occur, then swelling of the penis area and sores can occur, so healing and healing of wounds after circumcision can also be prolonged. Therefore, good care according to the advice of the doctor treating your baby will help recovery and help prevent infection .
For now, you can continue the treatment that has been given by the doctor to your child, and you can also control to the doctor according to the control schedule specified by your doctor or your baby returns to control 3 or 4 days after circumcision.
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