Is The Bacteria On Phlegm Can Be Lost In People With TB?

Illustration of Is The Bacteria On Phlegm Can Be Lost In People With TB?
Illustration: Is The Bacteria On Phlegm Can Be Lost In People With TB?

Hello, can sputum bacteria in people with tuberculosis disappear if sputum is still present? Thank you.

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Hello Eselvia,

Tuberculosis / tuberculosis is an infectious disease caused by bacterial infection with tuberculosis. TB can affect the lungs or extra lungs / outside the lungs. For pulmonary TB the symptoms are a cough of more than 3 weeks, cough with phlegm, bloody cough, decreased appetite, weight loss, night sweats, chest pain, shortness of breath.

TB examination is by sputum smear test, molecular rapid test, and x-ray. Handling TB is with anti-tuberculosis / OAT drugs which consist of a combination of several types of antibiotics and consumed for at least 6 months can be more in accordance with the patient's treatment response.

TB bacteria will die by giving OAT according to the dosage recommended by the doctor, must not be missed or forgotten, and must not be stopped by the patient. After consuming OAT for 2-3 weeks, the risk of TB transmission has been greatly reduced or even no longer transmitted to others. However, routine evaluation / control still needs to be done to ensure the body's response to TB treatment. When the doctor will control the examination whether the germs / bacteria have been resolved (become negative smear) or not, assess whether there are side effects experienced by friends, and assess the improvement of patient symptoms. TB treatment must also continue for up to 6 months or according to the results of examining the treating doctor.

Regarding the symptoms of TB itself will generally improve with treatment. Consult with your treating doctor if you experience side effects when taking OAT.

In addition to supporting the healing period, a smoke-free home should be made, for better ventilation and lighting, adequate rest, consumption of healthy and nutritious food, drink plenty of water, and light exercise regularly (consult a doctor who treats for recommended sports and exercise time).

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