Is The Blood Pressure Check Result Normal?

Illustration of Is The Blood Pressure Check Result Normal?
Illustration: Is The Blood Pressure Check Result Normal?

What do you mean by blood pressure 166/56?

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Blood pressure is a measure of how strong the heart pumps blood throughout your body. In order for maximum body performance, you must have normal blood pressure. Actually, everyone's blood pressure will always change. The pattern of changes in blood pressure is closely related to the body's biological clock aka circadian rhythm. The body's biological clock regulates the work of every organ of the human body based on a specific schedule within a span of 24 hours or one day.

Generally, adults with healthy body conditions have normal blood pressure around 90/60 mmHg to 120/80 mmHg. Figures 120 and 90 show the level of pressure when the heart pumps blood throughout the body or so-called systolic pressure. While the numbers 80 and 60 mean the level of pressure when the heart is resting briefly before returning to pump again, or often called diastolic pressure.

whereas blood pressure you get 166/56 means you have hypertension. which is said to be hypertensive when your blood pressure is 130/80 mmHg or more. In fact, this life-threatening condition often does not show symptoms, so many sufferers do not know if they have hypertension. This condition can be dangerous, because the heart is forced to pump blood harder throughout the body, so that it can lead to various diseases, such as kidney failure , stroke and heart failure.

if your blood pressure is that you have to take hypertension medication as soon as possible even if you have no symptoms, if you ignore this will result in a dangerous disease as explained above will experience stroke and heart disease. therefore it is routine to check blood pressure to control your blood pressure. so that your blood pressure can be controlled and prevent bad from happening,

You should consult your doctor or your first health facility because this is borne by the BPJS so you don't need to worry. to ascertain whether you really have hypertension the doctor will do a check or direct examination, because any blood pressure can be increased if the examination is done when the situation is not right like when you are emotional or are doing tiring activities or errors in checking the tensia. then you should do a direct examination to the doctor to be given the right handler. if indeed you are diagnosed with hypertension then you must often control your thesis. and take the medicine regularly recommended by the doctor

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