Is The Danger Of Passive Smoking Using Pods?

Illustration of Is The Danger Of Passive Smoking Using Pods?
Illustration: Is The Danger Of Passive Smoking Using Pods?

, I am a passive smoker, have never smoked a cigarette. u003cbr u003 What is the danger if I use a pod system / pods? despite using a non-nicotine liquid?

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Hello law90,

Electronic smoking devices (ESD) are mushrooming nowadays. One form of ESD is a POD system that uses a prefilled cartridge (already filled) with a certain liquid. ESD creates heat that will cause evaporation of the liquid to produce aerosols that users can inhale.

A study in the United States about 76% of ESD uses the PODS type under the JUUL brand and most users are young adults. Unlike conventional tobacco cigarettes, ESD offers a variety of taste choices that can be enjoyed by its users and does not cause unpleasant odors such as tobacco cigarettes. Some manufacturers also provide non-nicotine liquid as you mentioned.

Research on users of the brand PODS in the United States reports the following facts:

The nicotine in ESD is obtained from the same tobacco as conventional cigarettes and has nicotine levels that are almost the same as conventional cigarettes
The reason someone uses PODS is: environmental influences, prestige, are attracted to the various flavors offered, because they are considered less risky than conventional cigarettes, and also as a step to stop using tobacco cigarettes
PODS users have a threefold tendency to try tobacco cigarettes and four times to try smoking marijuana
Most young users do not know that the liquid ingredients used in PODS contain nicotine

Most of the PODS cartridges used in developed countries are those that have received official labels from the drug and food control agency, but there are also cartridge and liquid filling without the label. A study of the ingredients contained in non nicotine liquid cartridge shows the presence of ingredients such as:

Benzene (carcinogenic - increases the risk of cancer) formed by heating the benzoic acid, benzaldehyde
Propylene glycol

Benzene which is formed from ESD is indeed lower than conventional cigarettes, but if consumed continuously for a long time it can still have the same impact as conventional cigarettes on the respiratory tract. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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