Is The Drug For Patients With Grade 1 Hydronephrosis?

Illustration of Is The Drug For Patients With Grade 1 Hydronephrosis?
Illustration: Is The Drug For Patients With Grade 1 Hydronephrosis?

Good night. My father was diagnosed with Hydronephrosis. Have experienced previous treatment even up to the BNO-IVP test, the results showed no stones. But the ureter which is shaped like a lump (looks inside: there is a gentle slope in the ureter picture). During initial therapy to completion, administration of the drug that is often asked to consume is Diclofenac Sodium 50 mg. Aside from other drugs which are not as often given as Diclofenac Sodium. Well, tonight he felt the same pain as when he was ill. Our whole family’s handle is just Diclofenac Sodium medicine. Please advise, is there any medicine we have to provide besides the existing medicine? When there is a recurrence like this? Our distance to the place of treatment is quite far, and not always open 24 hours of service so it is quite difficult for us to take him to the place of treatment at this hour. Please advise us as a family in dealing with our father’s recurrence. Is father’s illness able to heal at that time? He is afraid of surgery 🙁 (during repeated check-ups he was mugged for his ureteral repair surgery, but he has not been able to agree). Please give me a solution. Thank you very much in advance.

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Hephonephrosis is a condition of kidney swelling due to excessive urine accumulation because urine cannot flow into the bladder until it is discharged through the BAK process. When the urine is blocked, starting from the kidneys or the structure underneath, the accumulation of urine can cause swelling of the kidneys which can be accompanied by complaints of back pain, twisting pain, until fever. Hydronephrosis cases can develop from grade 1 to grade 4, so treatment is carried out by knowing the cause of hydronephrosis and handling the cause directly. Without handling the main cause, then the burden of kidney damage will continue and can cause kidney failure.

Some of the conditions below can cause hydration, such as:

Kidney stones
Tumors in the kidneys, which block urine flow
Narrowing of the ureteral lumen
Ureteric stone
Bladder Tumor

In connection with your question, if the doctor treating your father has established grade 1 hydronephrosis caused by narrowing of the ureteral lumen, then to open the path of urine flow from this blockage, surgery is necessary. If the source of the cause of hydronephrosis is not treated, the urine will continue to be blocked and cause recurring pain complaints. The longer you use any pain medication, the pain complaints will continue to appear because the cause of pain is not treated. The longer you take pain medicine, the ability of the drug to control pain will also be reduced, thus requiring larger doses.

Therefore, I cannot give medication recommendations for your father, because I did not conduct a direct examination and did not know your father's condition. Thus, doing a direct examination to the doctor who treats your father is an important step to help control complaints of pain that your father feels.

For now, it's best to keep existing medicines to reduce pain, and to consult with your doctor as soon as possible to treat your father.

Thus the info we can convey.

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