Is The Drug Methylprednisolone Safe To Take Continuously As An Itch Drug?

Illustration of Is The Drug Methylprednisolone Safe To Take Continuously As An Itch Drug?
Illustration: Is The Drug Methylprednisolone Safe To Take Continuously As An Itch Drug?

Good afternoon. I am a symbol, a student, age 20. I have a skin disease between stiff fingers and hands, ears, lips, scalp. It feels itchy and hot, especially at night. Already treated at the hospital and got the drug at a dose of 8 mg. But every When the medication runs out, the itching recurs again, and if I don’t take the medication it will recur, I have tried not to take the medication because I am afraid of being addicted, but the disease is getting worse, so runny and hollow like my skin. every time the medicine runs out I buy it myself again and have not been treated again to the hospital. I ask for advice from I should consume what drugs and what should I do. Thank you. Hopefully in response 🙂

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Good evening, thanks for the question

Dermatitis is a subjective skin disorder characterized by complaints of itching and consists of a rash in various forms of skin disorders. The types of dermatitis are very diverse, including:

Based on the location of the disorder such as human dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, perioral dermatitis, diaper dermatitis, perianal dermatitis, etc. Based on conditions such as acute, subacute and chronic dermatitis or dermatitis madidans (wetting) and sika dermatitis (dry) Based on causes such as irritant contact dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis, medical dermatitis, dermatitis alimentosa, dermatitis venenata, dermatitis stasis, etc. is the use of steroid drugs either in topical (topical) or oral (drinking) forms including one of them methylprednisolone. Steroids are potent anti-inflammatory agents that can strongly suppress inflammatory reactions that underlie the appearance of complaints in dermatitis. In skin disorders that are not too broad usually doctors will give topical steroids because the action is local at one location of the skin disorder. Whereas in quite extensive skin disorders accompanied by other severe accompanying symptoms, oral steroids can also be given because of their systemic effects. Because of its relatively strong work power, some of the abuse of this type of drug can actually cause a variety of dangerous side effects. How to use it can not be arbitrary, because it is necessary to adjust the dose gradually under the supervision of a doctor.

In some cases, long-term steroid treatment may be needed. As long as the dosage and method of use are right, and under the supervision of a doctor, the use of steroids will be very beneficial for patients. Likewise in your case, maybe the current condition is still not stable so you need long-term treatment. To minimize negative side effects you should routinely control with a dermatologist during the treatment with steroids. The doctor needs to assess the treatment response for dosage adjustments. If the condition is stable, the doctor will reduce the dose gradually. This is important to prevent adverse side effects. If the doctor has not decided to stop treatment with steroids, then you should stay in control routine.

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