Is The HIV Rapid Test Accurate Enough?

Illustration of Is The HIV Rapid Test Accurate Enough?
Illustration: Is The HIV Rapid Test Accurate Enough?

Excuse me, I want to ask if the hiv rapid test is accurate enough and whether with only 1x test we can directly state the result or we have to do the test again to be more accurate … please guide me …

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HIV testing has several methods. The methods that can be done are;

1. Serological examination, consisting of

- Quick test. This test serves to detect antibodies to both HIV 1 and HIV 2. This test is usually done for initial screening. This test is useful for places that have limited equipment, this test is quite accurate, the number of samples used is small, and the results are quickly known.

- ELISA test. This test also serves to detect HIV 1 and HIV 2 antibodies and their variants. This test has high sensitivity and specificity. If your HIV test on an ELISA is positive, your doctor will suggest a further test with a Western bolt to confirm HIV infection.

- Western Blot test. This test is used to confirm cases that are difficult to detect. This test is done to follow up on results that were previously positive.

2. Virological test with PCR

To test whether a person is infected with HIV the most common test is a blood test. Blood test results can be trusted if done one month after exposure to infection because HIV antibodies do not form immediately after infection. Antibodies take about two weeks to 6 months before appearing in the blood. A person who is infected with HIV can pass it on to other people even though the blood results are negative because there is a period called the Window Period, this period can take up to 6 months. So that a negative result at the beginning of the examination does not indicate that a person is not infected with HIV. Get tested several times if you have risks. If the initial result is negative, do a repeat check 3 months later after being infected.

The information you can read is

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