Is The HPV Virus Can Be Transmitted To The Tongue.?

Illustration of Is The HPV Virus Can Be Transmitted To The Tongue.?
Illustration: Is The HPV Virus Can Be Transmitted To The Tongue.?

Night. I am a 20-year-old woman, I have a history of stomach acid and only a month ago I had cystitis early because I like to hold my pee and I also had laser surgery because I was exposed to condyloma (still thp early) I had control 2 times in December 2018 the doctor said that he was gradually getting better and not giving the medicine enough to soak miss v dg PK (purple powder). Warts around the vaginal mouth had shrunk. I asked if I had to take control again to find out the condition of my body and whether the HPV virus Have you lost it or not? And if the HPV virus can spread to the tongue, given the condition of the tongue sometimes the color is a little purple or red after eating and white when I wake up in the morning and there are spots arising and sometimes map-shaped and sometimes painful.

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Hello Naura,

Thank you for asking

Cystitis (inflammation of the bladder) if handled properly is not an incurable disease. This condition often occurs due to infection (for example bacteria), although it can also occur due to other triggers, for example drug side effects, radiation side effects, foreign bodies (for example due to catheter placement), the influence of chemicals (for example those contained in spermicides, vaginal deodorizing soap , soap), interstitial cystitis (the cause is unclear), or also due to other diseases, such as diabetes, kidney stones and spinal cord injuries. Women, especially those who have been sexually active are far more at risk of developing cystitis. Moreover, if you have previously had risky sex (such as sex with a partner whose sexual history is unclear). It is also most likely to cause you to have genital warts (condyloma akuminata). Not only in the genitals, genital warts can also grow in other areas, including the anus or oral cavity. Maybe, this is indeed what triggers complaints in your mouth. It could also, complaints in your mouth occur due to other triggers, for example fungal infections, psoriasis, diabetes, oral cancer, and so on.

It is better if you check your condition directly to the doctor or ENT specialist so that it can be further evaluated, is it true that your condition has healed optimally, or not. Depending on your symptoms at this time, your doctor may also direct you to undergo further tests, such as laboratories, biopsies, and so on.

In the meantime, our advice for you:

Improve the cleanliness of your oral cavity, including by regularly brushing your teeth, cleaning between your teeth, also cleaning your tongue
Do not engage in risky sexual activities
Live a healthy diet and lifestyle so that the immune system is always maintained
Drink more and do not make it a habit to hold back urination to prevent recurrent cystitis

Hope this helps ...

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