Is The Intake To Increase HB In Lupus?

Illustration of Is The Intake To Increase HB In Lupus?
Illustration: Is The Intake To Increase HB In Lupus?

Good evening, I want to ask, I have lupus from 2013, so far, I have always had blood transfusions because the HB is always low, now I have had 13 days after giving birth to cesarean delivery, because I have been hospitalized and have had 20 transfusions for a month. increase my hb so that it doesn’t keep getting low, even though my diet and medicines I always run well, but now my condition is getting weak again, like pale limp and lost appetite,

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Hello Ida,

Lupus is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks the body's own cells, tissues and organs. Lupus can attack various organs such as the heart, kidneys, brain, lungs, blood cells, skin, joints, and spinal cord.

One of the complications experienced by odapus is anemia. However, anemia is not always caused by lupus. Anemia can also be caused due to several conditions, namely profuse blood loss (eg trauma, post surgery, postpartum), anemia due to chronic disease, iron deficiency anemia, folic acid, votamin B12, hemolytic anemia, uremia in lupus with kidney disorders, drug effects. drugs given, the presence of infection, and an enlarged spleen.

The best step you can take when you consult again with an internal medicine doctor or an internal medicine doctor, sub-allergic immunology specialist. The doctor will re-evaluate your condition and provide maximum further treatment. Treatment will be adjusted to your condition, either with drugs to treat the causes of anemia or blood transfusions if needed.

Meanwhile you can do the following tips:

Routine control according to a given schedule
Continue healthy lifestyle habits
Consume healthy and nutritious food as recommended by internal medicine doctors and nutritionists
Expand fruit, vegetables and wheat
Get enough rest
When you have finished the healing period after cesarean section, do exercise gradually
Avoid cigarette smoke and alcohol

The following articles are related to the topic of your question:

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Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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