Is The MMR Vaccine Still Needed?

Illustration of Is The MMR Vaccine Still Needed?
Illustration: Is The MMR Vaccine Still Needed?

Hello. I want to ask you about child vaccines. My child is now 2 years 2 months. At 9 months, my child has gotten the measles vaccine at the health center and at 1 year 6 months I get MR vaccine according to the government program at that time. What I want to ask is that my child still needs to get an MR or MMR vaccine or something like that? Because he said this vaccine could be obtained once again after 6 months from the first MR vaccine and what kind of vaccine would my child get if he really had to? MR or MMR? Thanks for the help

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MMR vaccine is a vaccine that contains immunity to 3 types of diseases, namely MUMPS / mumps, measles and Rubella. This vaccine is given twice at the age of 15 months and 5 years. The protection obtained by administering this vaccine is lifetime protection. However, at this time, the MMR vaccine is no longer available in the health service, and even there may not be wide coverage. The replacement of MMR vaccine with MR was considered because MUMPS or mumps protection was not very effective because the coverage of the cases that occurred was not large and the health risks posed by mumps were lighter than the risks of measles and rubella.

After the MMR vaccine is not available in Indonesia, in 2017 the government will deliver an MR vaccine that provides protection against measles and rubella. This vaccine is given routinely as an immunization program for 3 times the time of administration, namely when the child is 9 months old, 18 months old and when the child is in first grade or equivalent. And the MR vaccine is not being charged.

In connection with your question, if your child has gotten the measles vaccine at 9 months and MR vaccine at 18 months, then the provision of advanced MR vaccine can be done at the age of 5 years or elementary school age or equivalent, thus, for now it is not needed increase the dose of MR vaccine within the next 6 months, unless your pediatrician who treats your child recommends giving the MR vaccine after the next 6 months / 2 year olds, then you can continue with your doctor's plan or if there is an epidemic in the case of measles and rubella, then the MR vaccine must be given according to government programs. And, even if your child gets a second MR vaccine at the age of 2 years, chances are at elementary school age, your child will get an MR vaccine in a government program.

Therefore, for MMR vaccine, the mother's child does not need to get it, so the mother child only needs to continue the MR vaccine according to the doctor's care for the mother's child. Discuss with your child's doctor to get more detailed information relating to your child's immunization status. This needs to be done, because the doctor who treats your child better understands your child's condition.

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