Is The Routine Pumping ASI Can Come Out Again After Stalled 1.5 Months?

Illustration of Is The Routine Pumping ASI Can Come Out Again After Stalled 1.5 Months?
Illustration: Is The Routine Pumping ASI Can Come Out Again After Stalled 1.5 Months?

In the morning my child was 4.5 months old from birth or did not want to / refused to breastfeed immediately n I e-pumping until the age of 3 months I was sick and not pumping at all for 2 days and the next day when I was pumping I had very little milk (30 miles) after a few days my milk came out only a few drops. already 1.5 months my child is full of milk. I really want to give breast milk to my child, if I regularly pump out breast milk I can come out again

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Breast milk production is influenced by many factors, one of which is the frequency of emptying the breast, either by breastfeeding, or milking it. Not only that, other factors, such as emotional conditions (for example, inner contact with the baby, stress, excessive anxiety, mood swing), fluid intake, nutritional intake, hormonal fluctuations (for example during menstruation, getting pregnant again, or using certain contraception), and so on can also affect milk production.

In contrast to direct breastfeeding which involves strong emotional factors, so that it can stimulate the production of the hormone oxytocin which plays a role in ejection of breast milk, in mothers who breastfeed by relying only on the milking process, the production of milk is mainly dependent on the craft of expressing milk. Forgetting a little milking can make milk production decreases dramatically. This milk production can be decreased for example when you are stressed, tired, lack of sleep, lack of drinking, menstruating, getting pregnant again, or also using certain contraceptives that suppress milk production.

Do not want to suckle directly in infants most often caused by confused nipples. Although difficult, this condition can be treated in an appropriate way so that your baby can get back the right to breastfeed. It's never too late, early, you should do relactation (breastfeeding again) for the good of yourself and your own baby. Formula milk as good and as expensive as anything certainly will not be able to replace the quality of breast milk. You can do this relactation in the following ways:

Stop using a pacifier for baby milk, replace it with a spoon, cupfeeder, or dropper
Breastfeed your milk regularly every 2 hours, don't forget
Save your milk in the right way, then give the baby to the right media (as mentioned above)
Feed your baby regularly once every 2 hours, do not wait for him to be too hungry to cry loudly and return to look for the pacifier
Strengthen your determination to try your best
Ask for support from partners and relatives around you to help you breastfeed your baby's milk

Increase milk production, by drinking lots, eating nutritious foods, multiply eating nuts and whole grains, don't be sad or anxious, and get enough rest
Do not carelessly take drugs or supplements while breastfeeding without direct advice from a doctor

If the steps above have not been successful, do not hesitate to consult directly with your doctor, pediatrician, or the nearest lactation consultant.

I hope this helps.

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