Is The X-ray Of The Hand Sprained By The BPJS?

Illustration of Is The X-ray Of The Hand Sprained By The BPJS?
Illustration: Is The X-ray Of The Hand Sprained By The BPJS?

Hello doctor, I want to ask if the X-ray of the sprained hand is borne by the BPJS? My kind of CPOs are borne by the government

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Hello Zainal Aqli Thank you for asking

Whether the type of examination is covered by the BPJS will depend on the medical and clinical conditions. In this case the BPJS will cover the examination that is indeed in accordance with medical indications and taken through a procedure that is already applied. But BPJS will not count if the examination including x-rays is done at the request of the patient himself.

In this case the hand X-ray examination can be borne by BPJS if indeed the doctor found a medical indication to you. For this reason, you can go to your first health facility to express your complaint, for example pain or injury to your hands or complaints of sprains that you are referring to. Furthermore, the doctor will conduct an examination and give a referral letter or introduction to a specialist doctor or hospital that has more complete facilities and then given a letter of X-ray for X-ray if needed.

What is meant by a sprain is an injury to the ligament, the tissue that connects two or more bones to the joint. This condition generally occurs at the ankles due to physical activity. And X-ray examination will be recommended to ensure the presence or absence of fractured or broken bones

However, for emergencies or emergencies such as trauma due to an accident or due to the accident that occurs only at that time you should also consult a doctor at the nearest emergency room for further examination and treatment.

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