Is There A Cure For Thalassemia?

Illustration of Is There A Cure For Thalassemia?
Illustration: Is There A Cure For Thalassemia?

In addition to blood transfusions, is there a drug that can cure thalassemia? According to the doctor in my area there is no cure for thalassemia, so just transfusion every time the blood goes down. While too often transfusion can cause spleen swelling. Is there a cure in Indonesia to cure thalassemia?

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Hello Putrasya.

Thalassemia is a hereditary / genetic disease. Thalassemia causes malfunctioning of hemoglobin / blood cells so that red blood cells cannot function optimally or cause less blood cell counts.

In the case of thalassemia, patients are usually more likely to need repeated blood transfusions due to a decrease in the number of red blood cells. Spleen swelling in thalassemia cases can also occur due to the disease itself.

Therapy or certain drugs that can cure thalasmia until now has not been there. Thalassemia is usually treated using blood transfusions, chelation therapy, and supplementation such as folic acid. In addition, the latest treatment techniques by doing bone marrow transplantation might show good results. but this cannot be done haphazardly, and must go through a series of checks first.

Therefore, it is recommended that you routinely have your child consult a specialist in internal medicine, so that the doctor can check on your child's condition regularly and decide on the appropriate therapy. If you have limited health facilities in your area, then you can visit a larger city.

The following article you can read about thalassemia

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