Is There A Disturbance In My Brain, Because If You Want To Sleep Very Difficult?

Illustration of Is There A Disturbance In My Brain, Because If You Want To Sleep Very Difficult?
Illustration: Is There A Disturbance In My Brain, Because If You Want To Sleep Very Difficult?

Hello doctor, I want to ask lately if I want to sleep hard unless I’m forced, like my brain doesn’t want to respond to sleep or rest. All I know is that our brains rest when we are sleepy but this is not a doctor at all, please answer, doctor’s solutions and suggestions. Thank you

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Wa alaikumsalam, thank you for asking at Difficult conditions to start sleep are also called insomnia, and can occur for various reasons, including:

Stress, many thoughts, inner pressure, excessive anxiety Consuming caffeine (coffee, tea) close to bedtime Inhalation of excessive cigarette smoke Side effects of using drugs Taking a nap for too long Consuming food that is too high in carbohydrate / sugar levels before going to sleep Noise, lights too bright The habit of watching TV, cellphones or monitor screens before going to bed Certain medical conditions such as nerve disorders, heart problems, diabetes and so forth

So in your case, a thorough examination needs to be done first to find out where exactly the root of the problem you are experiencing, whether in terms of physical, or in terms of mental, environmental aspects, or a combination of all three. This is very important to determine the most appropriate treatment in your case. For this reason, we recommend that you consult with your general practitioner first in order to be able to do a history, physical examination and support needed, and later will be determined whether you can be treated immediately, or need to be referred to an appropriate specialist such as a psychiatrist subspecialty sleep disorder , neurologist, or internist.

Meanwhile, what needs to be understood is that one of the main mistakes of those who have difficulty falling asleep is to try too hard to sleep. When we try too hard to sleep, we may subconsciously wrinkle our foreheads, close our eyes tightly, and so on, which causes our faces to tense and even more difficult to sleep. Though sleep is a condition when our body is resting to restore energy and this should be done casually. To be able to get that relaxed condition, avoid eating and drinking a lot before going to bed, don't drink tea or coffee, drink warm milk, try to be active during the day and don't take a nap, make sure your bedroom is dark, and if possible try to not make any noise. When you are ready to sleep, make sure you keep your face limp and relaxed. Close your eyes slowly and let your mind hover until you fall asleep on your own, no need to think about how much time has been wasted and so forth. So, hopefully answering your question.

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