Is There A Link Between Gonorrhea And Lung Disease?

Illustration of Is There A Link Between Gonorrhea And Lung Disease?
Illustration: Is There A Link Between Gonorrhea And Lung Disease?

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All drugs are correct if given on the basis of clear consideration and in accordance with the condition of the patient at the time of the examination. If your doctor gives you all three drugs, then basically based on the examination carried out by your doctor (both on complaints, physical conditions and also the results of other supporting examinations) your condition requires these three drugs to overcome gonorrhea infections and also other conditions that may be suffered by you besides the gonorrhea.
Urine examination can indeed help to detect whether the gonorrhea bacterial infection has disappeared or not because basically gonorrhea disease in men is a urinary tract infection, but it is called gonorrhea due to symptoms and also the specific bacteria that causes it. Basically during a urine test, bacteria should not be found in the urine (urinary tract is sterile), so that if your examination results later show negative results in general it can be stated that the infection has experienced healing.

Gonorrhea can indeed not infect the lungs, or can be said to have nothing to do. However, your doctor may advise you to take a photo of the chest on the basis of other complaints experienced by you (for example, a long cough, shortness of breath, night sweats, chest pain, etc.) or the results of a doctor's examination of your chest found something suspicious towards certain conditions. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you continue to do what your doctor recommends and also take these drugs according to the rules to help you deal with complaints that you are experiencing at this time.

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