Is There A Mental Disorder In The Mother Who Is Too Angry At Her Child?

Illustration of Is There A Mental Disorder In The Mother Who Is Too Angry At Her Child?
Illustration: Is There A Mental Disorder In The Mother Who Is Too Angry At Her Child?

Good morning,. I want to ask, this past year, I experienced a kind of surge of emotions every time faced with my son who was only 2.5 years old. I always feel like hurting him in the most torturous way every time he does things that (maybe) are trivial, for example he spills water on the floor accidentally or when my child suckles and pinches not how hard. And when I have done that torture there is a kind of dissatisfaction that explodes and always encourages me to hurt her in even more violent ways, although often I hold back and it makes me feel even more annoyed every time I see my child. Makes me easy to hit, pinch and scream. The question is whether this is experienced by a mother and is there a way to avoid it? Because, often I have difficulty holding back.

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Hello. Thank you for the question submitted to We can understand the concern you feel.

Children's fluids can trigger mixed emotions in the mother, from joy and happiness to fear and anxiety. Birth of a child can even cause mental problems that are not expected, namely depression. This is not part of personality, but rather complications that can accompany labor. There are several possible psychiatric problems that can cause complaints as you submit, including:

Postpartum psychosis, which is a psychotic symptom that develops in the first few weeks after delivery; symptoms / signs include: confusion or orientation disorder, obsessive thoughts about children, hallucinations, delusions (beliefs that are different from reality but continue to be maintained and cannot be changed logically), sleep disturbance, anxiety, excess energy, trying to hurt themselves or the child ; requires immediate treatment because of the risk of causing life-threatening thoughts or behavior
Postpartum depression, symptoms usually develop in the early weeks after giving birth, but can also begin to appear earlier (during pregnancy) or at a slower time up to 1 year after delivery which, if left untreated, can last up to several months or more; symptoms / signs in the form of: mood feelings of sadness or changes in the atmosphere of heavy feelings, excessive crying, difficulty forming bonding / bonding with children, withdrawing from family and friends, loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping or excessive sleep, feeling tired constantly, loss interest and pleasure, feelings of hopelessness, fear of not being able to be a good mother, ideas for suicide
Episodes of major depression with psychotic symptoms, which are symptoms of feelings of sadness, loss of interest and excitement, fatigue, reduced activity, impaired concentration of attention, decreased self-confidence, guilt, ideas of self-injury or suicide, accompanied by delusions and / or hallucinations; symptoms last for at least 2 weeks and cause inability to carry out work or social activities

We recommend that you immediately consult with your doctor or a psychiatric specialist so that your condition can be immediately evaluated and provided the necessary treatment. Your doctor can provide psychotherapy to help you coping or overcoming feelings, solving problems, setting realistic goals, and responding to various situations in a positive way. If necessary, your doctor can also give you medicine to help you feel comfortable and help with illness. As a suggestion, you are advised to tell stories and ask for help with the people closest to you that you trust. The people closest and trusted can help you take care of your child, listen to your complaints, and support therapy. Support of the people closest to you is very important to support the successful handling of problems.

To enrich your horizons, you can read articles about postpartum depression. Thus information from us. Hopefully always healthy. May be useful.

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