Is There A Possible Fetal Sac Before Late Menstruation?

Illustration of Is There A Possible Fetal Sac Before Late Menstruation?
Illustration: Is There A Possible Fetal Sac Before Late Menstruation?

Good morning doctor .. I want to ask .. Is there maybe a fetal bag before late menstruation? Because I went to the doctor yesterday and then was ultrasounded and he said there was a fetal bag, then I tested at home (because the test pack in the hospital ran out) the results were negative and I was not late for menstruation. But why is there a fetal bag in the ultrasound? I read in the article that most fetal bags will be seen at more than 6 weeks’ gestation. Whereas I haven’t missed my period yet, but I have already said there are fetal pockets.

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at It should be understood, that early pregnancy was derived from fertilization of female eggs by male sperm cells. This fertilization can occur whenever there are eggs and sperm cells in your uterus. If this fertilization occurs, the result of fertilization will divide and develop, attach to the uterus and the whole process causes obstruction of the production of hormones that cause menstruation or menstruation, so menstruation becomes late.

Then it must be understood that pregnancy does occur before a person experiences late menstruation. It's just that there is no sign felt by a mother that fertilization is taking place in her body, so usually new people suspect that she is pregnant when menstruation is late. That's why it seems as if the sequence is late for menstruation and then declared pregnant, when in fact it is not, a person experiences fertilization first, then later he realizes that menstruation is late, and only after checking turns out to be pregnant. In fact, if checked before late menstruation it could be that he was indeed positively pregnant.

Then regarding the negative pregnancy test results, here are some possibilities. The first possibility is that the tool is broken or wrong, the second is the wrong use, the third tool is not wrong but it is not sensitive (because the best time to use a test pack is 1 week after late menstruation), or the wrong doctor saw. Whatever it is, further tests must be done to find out where the problem lies.

Then regarding the fetal sac. Fetal sac can be detected most quickly at 3-4 weeks gestational age. Although indeed at this gestational age, the gestational sac is so small that rarely see it clearly. From there it says 6 weeks, because almost everything can be seen at 6 weeks gestation. But you also need to understand that the gestational age is not calculated from the late period, but from the first day of last menstrual period (HPHT, or the first menstruation period / HPMT), or the first day of menstruation before the late menstruation. This confirms our previous explanation, that pregnancy does occur before menstruation is late. When menstruation is late, gestational age may have reached several weeks. So maybe your pregnancy sac has been detected.

The point is, your current position may still be said to be pregnant, and maybe not, because the entire examination is still confusing. To be sure, you do have to wait, until about 1-2 weeks late menstruation later, then do all the checks again. Perform a test pack, and do an ultrasound. At this time, if both are positive then you are most likely pregnant and if negative, chances are you are not pregnant. If the results are still contradictory, consult your obstetrician for an examination and find the most appropriate treatment. So, hopefully answering your question.

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