Is There A Relationship Between High Platelets And Dyspepsia?

Is there a relationship between high platelets and dyspepsia?

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Dyspepsia actually only describes an uncomfortable feeling in the solar plexus. Dyspepsia is not a disease. Dyspepsia is most often caused by functional things (eg overeating, eating spicy and oily foods, alcohol consumption, coffee, etc.), but dyspepsia can also be caused by certain diseases related to the stomach, for example peptic ulcer, gastritis , GERD, gastric infections, gastric cancer, and so on.

High platelets are also actually not a disease. High platelets can be caused by several possibilities, including:

acute bleeding
certain cancers
history of trauma / physical injury or history of surgery
excessive platelet production in the bone marrow (essential thrombocytosis)

Thrombocytosis (thrombocytosis) will not cause dyspeptic symptoms. However, some diseases that can cause dyspepsia (for example, stomach ulcers that cause bleeding in the digestive tract) can cause platelets to also increase.

It is best to consult your condition with your intern doctor to find out more about the cause of your thrombocytosis and dyspepsia so that you can be given treatment that is appropriate to the cause.

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