Is There Any Scientific Research On Herbal Cigarettes?

Illustration of Is There Any Scientific Research On Herbal Cigarettes?
Illustration: Is There Any Scientific Research On Herbal Cigarettes?

Hello, my neighborhood is busy with herbal cigarettes, which I ask, have there been any scientific studies regarding these herbal cigarettes? NThank you

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Herbal cigarettes are cigarettes made from other plants that are not tobacco. Due to the absence of tobacco in herbal cigarettes, it is believed that these cigarettes will not be as addictive as ordinary cigarettes. In tobacco contains a substance called nicotine which is a substance that causes addiction or addiction to smokers.

However, there are many scientific studies that have been conducted that state that herbal cigarettes are as dangerous as regular cigarettes. Herbal cigarettes have various types and contents, but herbal cigarettes can still produce toxins / poisons from combustion which are carcinogenic or can cause cancer. Therefore the use of herbal cigarettes is still not recommended.

You can read some research on herbal cigarettes at this and this link

So much information from me, hopefully it will be enough to answer

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