Is This A Dislocation?

Illustration of Is This A Dislocation?
Illustration: Is This A Dislocation?

Hello, I haven’t been able to stretch my left hand this week. When I tried it carefully, it turned out that on the left shoulder there was a protruding part that went forward when I stretched out my hand. / whatever illness, why is this actually? Thank you

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at Dislocation is a condition when the bone shifts from its proper position, and causes abnormalities in joint relations.

This condition generally occurs preceded by a certain injury, be it an accident when driving, when exercising, falling from a height, slipping when on the move, and so forth. So from your story where you suddenly experience the complaint without any precedence to certain conditions, the possibility of dislocation is not a major possibility. Spontaneous dislocation without triggers can indeed occur, but this is for people who have experienced dislocations on the same bone many times. So if you've never experienced this before, it shouldn't be that possibility.

Another possibility that can occur is inflammation of the joints, which can occur due to misplaced conditions, thickening conditions and stiffness of the protective capsule of the shoulder joint, tightened muscles, infections or the like, which can only be identified by direct examination. Our advice, to avoid misunderstanding you should consult your complaint directly to the general practitioner first, to ascertain whether it is indeed a dislocation or other disease conditions, and later if it is a dislocation, you will be referred to a bone doctor for further examination and treatment. This is important because let's say you do experience a dislocation, handling dislocations cannot be done alone and must be with expert supervision.

In the meantime, limit your movements, do not force yourself to do movements that you are unable to do, and immediately consult a doctor. So, hopefully answering your question.

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