Is This A Light Stroke?

Illustration of Is This A Light Stroke?
Illustration: Is This A Light Stroke?

evening, I want to ask. today from morning i started feeling weak (a few days before i had flu but no fever etc). then I hunger from noon until sunset, at sunset when I wanted to buy food I felt more weak. and suddenly I was firefly, dry dry, my left ear could not really hear, the worst thing was that my palms were stiff like a stroke. after about 15 minutes everything finally normalized but still weak. n that why? I was afraid of a sudden stroke.

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Hello Jourie, thank you for the question for

The symptoms you experience are actually more of a symptom of hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. The following are some of the symptoms of hypoglycemia:

dizziness and headaches hunger cold sweats decreased concentration feeling weak body feels cold and trembling heart palpitations visual disturbances tingling sensation in certain parts of the body, especially around the mouth

Symptoms of stroke are more marked by feeling weak on one side of the body, can be accompanied by sensory or tactile disturbances as well, visual disturbances, hearing loss, tilted face, etc.

Some of the other possibilities that could cause your symptoms include:

Adrenal hormone disorders panic attacks severe dehydration

We recommend that in the future, you always eat on time. If you often experience the same thing even though you have eaten on time, you can check with your doctor for further evaluation.

So much information from me, hopefully it will be enough to answer

dr. irna cecilia

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