Is This A Sign Of Pregnancy?

Illustration of Is This A Sign Of Pregnancy?
Illustration: Is This A Sign Of Pregnancy?

Good morning doctor, I’m Ira, I have a complaint. My Miss v is very sick, I want PMS, my waist hurts, nausea, lemes, dizzy, is this a sign of pregnancy?

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from the complaint you mentioned might be a sign that you are pregnant or it could be a sign of another disease. but more to make sure whether you are late menstruation or not and do a pregnancy test.

there are several characteristics of pregnancy

 late menstrual changes in breasts and nipples spotting blood from the vagina: where the blood spots are different from menstrual blood. or called implantation bleeding, cramps, stomach nausea, vomiting, mood swings, and fatigue. All of the above symptoms, unfortunately, do not always refer to pregnancy, but can be a sign of disease. Some women do not even feel any of the above symptoms before becoming pregnant.

Using a pregnancy test kit (commercially available test pack) can determine pregnancy certainty. Pregnancy tests work by detecting the hCG hormone produced a week after fertilization occurs.

The appearance of positive results is most likely accurate. But if your results are negative, repeat the test a week later to confirm the results. Verify the results by going to the obstetrician.

You should check yourself by a doctor to ascertain the cause of your complaint. is it true the sign of pregnancy or certain disease. so the doctor can do a direct examination of you. so they can provide the right treatment.

Thus the info I can give hopefully can help

thank you

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