Is This Chronic Bronchitis?

Illustration of Is This Chronic Bronchitis?
Illustration: Is This Chronic Bronchitis?

I have been sick with bronchitis since I was 12 years old, and bronchitis has always recurred very often until now I am 20 in a month I can get sick 2 to 3 times, especially if the weather is cold. I am not a smoker and do not live with people who smoke

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Bronchitis reflects an inflammation of the bronchi, namely the lower airways leading to the lungs. This condition can occur acutely resolves within 1 to 2 weeks) or chronic (does not heal for at least 3 months and recurs frequently. As a result of bronchitis, you can experience coughing, a mucous throat, weakness, shortness of breath, pain and discomfort in your body. chest, fever, fatigue, and various other complaints.

The condition you are experiencing could indicate chronic bronchitis. In contrast to acute bronchitis which is more often caused by infection, chronic bronchitis is more commonly caused by smoking. Not only that, exposure to air pollution, dust and other toxic gases, for example in the environment where you live or work, can also trigger this disease. So, not only smokers (both active and passive) can experience bronchitis. Inadequate immunity, including being infected, suffering from HIV, diabetes, taking steroid drugs, or also due to inadequate nutritional intake, can further increase your risk of developing this disease.

In addition to chronic bronchitis, several other diseases can cause similar symptoms, for example, allergies, bronchial asthma, pneumonia, tuberculosis, ARI (acute respiratory infection), GERD (stomach acid reflux), and so on. You need to go directly to the doctor so that these possibilities can be differentiated and given the right treatment. It may be that the doctor will refer you to an internal medicine specialist or a pulmonary specialist for a more comprehensive examination, such as X-rays, sputum tests, blood tests, endoscopy, and so on.

Meanwhile, in order to minimize complaints, you can do the following:

Stay away from cigarettes and smoke
Also avoid the entry of hazardous chemical substances into the respiratory tract, for example by using a mask covering the nose and mouth, changing bed sheets and house curtains regularly, not using a fan
Avoid substances that are prone to triggering your allergies, for example cold, mites, pollen, animal hair
Increase immunity by eating healthy and nutritious foods, stay away from stress and fatigue, and get regular exercise

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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