Is This Corona Virus Sick Of Some Kind Of ARI?

Illustration of Is This Corona Virus Sick Of Some Kind Of ARI?
Illustration: Is This Corona Virus Sick Of Some Kind Of ARI?

Is this corona virus sick?

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Hello Vika Dwi Hadiarti,

Corona virus is a type of virus that can cause respiratory infections. The newest type of corona virus that is endemic in all parts of the world can cause a disease called corona virus disease 2019 (covid-19).

Symptoms of covid-19 are similar to those of ARI including fever, cough, body weakness, runny nose, sore throat. But in Covid-19, a viral infection can cause damage to the lower respiratory tract, namely the lungs, causing symptoms of pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome in the form of shortness of breath, hypoxia, to respiratory failure. This viral infection can also cause sepsis, a systemic infection that can cause other organ failure. Severe symptoms and deaths from Covid-19 usually occur in elderly patients, children, patients with weak immune systems, and patients with other comorbidities.

Covid-19 transmission is also the same as ISPA in general, namely from direct contact of cough / sneezing droplet sufferers of covid-19 to the airway mucosa of healthy people or when touching the airway mucosa after touching items contaminated with the covid-19 virus. Until now Covid-19 transmission that has been proven is between humans to humans. Transmission can be prevented by:

Wash your hands regularly with soap and running water (best) or use alcoholic rub rub. Wash your hands in an appropriate manner (according to WHO hand washing steps)
Practicing a true cough ethic
Use disposable tissue and throw it in the trash then wash your hands
Using disposable masks, use them in the right way and disposed of in the right way
Use the inside of the elbow (if there are no tissues or masks)

Wear a mask if necessary, for example if you are a medical staff working in a health facility, in an environment where many people are coughing / colds
Avoid going to crowded places if you are sick
Avoid going to crowded places for a while if there is no important need

As with other viral infections, the nature of the disease is self limiting. There is no specific treatment or vaccination that is proven to prevent covid-19 disease. However, there is already a special algorithm issued by the Indonesian Ministry of Health for the examination and treatment of patients suspected of Covid-19 to prevent wider transmission. Additional tests that need to be done for Covid-19 diagnosis include throat smears, blood laboratory tests, and chest X-ray. Handling includes quarantine and observation of suspected patients Covid-19, supportive care if the patient shows severe symptoms.

Patients who have a history of traveling to an area or country of the Covid-19 outbreak or contact with a person who is suspected or positive of Covid-19 in the last 14 days + experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, should report themselves to a health facility or if in Jakarta, you can contact service 112 / 119 to report themselves and be visited by health workers. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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