Is This Normal?

Illustration of Is This Normal?
Illustration: Is This Normal?

, I often talk to myself, even laughing and crying. I am an ambivert person so there are no social problems and I never get angry with my friends, I always joke and smile. people think I’m a friendly kid and funny nBut on the other hand I also have anger that I bury and will pour out when I’m alone. nThen sometimes I walk somewhere and forget what I’m going to do nAnd I feel my character is different every day, do I have to check?

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Hi Cezzy,

A person's psychological condition can indeed change over time, this can be related to stress, trauma, the environment, personality type, and others.

You should communicate with doctors and psychologists to find out more clearly about this, find the problem and treat it properly.

Talking to yourself is not wrong, even many people, especially those with introverted personalities. Shedding anger when you are alone is a common thing for many people to do. As long as this doesn't interfere with your daily activities and cause disturbance to other people there is no need to worry.

Please share this whole matter with your doctor or psychologist, you can even communicate with people you trust, for example: parents, husband / wife, children, friends / girlfriends and others, so that you can be more relieved and get psychological support from people. closest to you.

Please read: Personality disorders

Hope this helps.

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