Is This Vitiligo?

Illustration of Is This Vitiligo?
Illustration: Is This Vitiligo?

In the afternoon, I want to ask, if my skin was itchy “accidentally scratched it caused a wound and after it healed the wound was white ” small like a phlegm, but if you look clearly it looks like vitiligo right on the abdomen there are 6 rounds, the thighs are 2, the arms are partially one “, and on the chest there are 3, all the shapes are round ” small and some even are very small “, what is this called vitiligo because of a skin injury, , if it is true, can this vitiligo spread to the other body as in general? nThank you

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Hi Kadex,

Thank you for asking

The appearance of whitish skin patches after wound healing is actually more often caused by post-inflammatory hypopigmentation. Inflammation of the skin, either due to infection, eczema, wounds, and so on can cause interference with the work of melanocytes, which are cells that function to produce melanin pigment in the skin. This condition can lead to the appearance of hypopigmented lesions that are temporary in nature. Usually, these lesions will gradually fade and return to their original skin color as the skin regenerates.

Post-inflammatory hypopigmentation can appear as skin that is lighter in color, does not appear, is not scaly, and also does not cause complaints, such as itching or pain. This condition is more common in dark skinned people, although it does not rule out people with lighter skin tones.

Not only that, the whitish lesions you have experienced may also arise due to various other causes, such as:

Vitiligo (permanent loss of skin pigment due to melanocyte breakdown)
Tinea versicolor (fungal infection, tinea versicolor)
Pityriasis alba (whitish lesions on the skin associated with dry skin or atopic dermatitis)
Contact dermatitis (inflammation of the skin due to contact with an allergenic or irritant substance)
Leprosy (Mycobacterium leprae infection)
Nummular dermatitis
Nevus depigmentosus, and so on

Depending on the cause of the lesion, this condition may spread to other areas of your body, but may not. Therefore, before the complaint gets worse, you should check it directly with a doctor or a dermatologist. Thus, the best management can be done to overcome it, for example by giving special creams, or other medical measures such as laser therapy, phototherapy, and so on.

At this time, you should better keep yourself clean. Do not scratch excessively whitish lesions that appear on the skin. If later you experience inflammation in the skin, do not exhale it forcibly so that it doesn't cause annoying hypopigmentation.

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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