Is Too Much Ear Wax Normal?

Illustration of Is Too Much Ear Wax Normal?
Illustration: Is Too Much Ear Wax Normal?

My doctor wanted to ask, just about 1.5 months ago I cleaned my earwax but now the area around my ears aches and my cousin said the amount of dirt in the ear is pretty much more. What I want to ask is that is it normal for the ears to have as much earwax as mine? And do we have to see a doctor tht every month a doctor? thank you

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Good evening, thanks for the question

Earwax or called cerumen is an accumulation of oil gland products in the skin of the external ear and skin epithelial cells that are released. Normally the body can secrete its own production of cerumen through the mechanism of yawning or swallowing so that it can be cleaned through the outer ear canal.

However, excessive production can cause cerumen lumps to accumulate in the outer ear canal until it is deeper. Perceived complaints such as:

1. A sense of fullness in the ears.
2. Reduced hearing.
3. Pain in the ear.
4. Complaints are getting worse when the ear has water, because the cerumen expands so that it closes the ear canal more.
5. Some patients also complain of spinning dizziness or feeling of ringing in the ears.

Hardened cerumen obstruction can cause hearing loss and pain in the ear canal. Therefore it is necessary to clean through the ear irrigation method by spraying warm water and suction devices or suction into the ear canal.

In some individuals it may occur that more cerumen production, so it tends to accumulate more quickly. But this condition is not dangerous, it's just necessary to routinely clean the ears to the ENT specialist. Do not try to clean it independently because it is feared that the ear wax will be pushed deep into the ear canal so there is a risk of causing injury to the eardrum and the surrounding tissue.
Consult further with an ENT specialist.

That's all, hope you can help. Wassalam.

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