Is Vaginal Discharge During Early Pregnancy Dangerous?

Illustration of Is Vaginal Discharge During Early Pregnancy Dangerous?
Illustration: Is Vaginal Discharge During Early Pregnancy Dangerous?

Good evening doctor …. r nI am a 35 year old mother and currently I am pregnant with my 4th child. And my 3rd child is already 7 years old. R nSo doctor …. r nWhy on the vagina I had a lot of white patches and thickened like milk fat and mixed with clear liquid and it felt very itchy. And during sexual intercourse, my husband also feels itchy and uncomfortable. R nIs that a doctor’s discharge …? R nDanger it with my pregnancy ???? r nThank you for your answer, doctor r n r nMy respect r n r n Ancient Rome

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Hello Roma, Thank you for the question.

When a woman is pregnant, vaginal mucus production does increase due to hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy (increased estrogen hormone). In addition, during pregnancy, blood flow to the vagina increases which can also cause this vaginal discharge. As long as this vaginal discharge is clear or slightly white, odorless, and does not cause itching or burning, this discharge is classified as normal. However, you need to be aware of abnormal vaginal discharge that changes color (milky white, yellowish, greenish, or mixed with blood), has a strong odor, and is accompanied by symptoms of itching or swelling of the limbs because this is a sign of an infection in the vagina (such as a yeast infection. , bacterial vaginosis, sexually transmitted infections).

Please check with your gynecologist immediately. Your doctor will examine you to find the cause and determine the right treatment for you. Meanwhile, please do the following suggestions:

avoid having sex with your husband until you recover. Avoid wearing tight pants, preferably use underwear that absorbs sweat easily, avoid using feminine cleansers, don't scratch the itchy part. Please read the following article: Leucorrhoea during pregnancy

Hope this information is helpful.

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