Is Vomiting Of Blood A Lung Disease?

Illustration of Is Vomiting Of Blood A Lung Disease?
Illustration: Is Vomiting Of Blood A Lung Disease?

Mlm. I want to ask if you vomit quite a lot of blood because of what? Is it because the lungs are other symptoms? The vomiting of blood was just after sunset. Kemnn before vomiting blood was examined there was sore throat and cough …

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Vomiting of blood and coughing up of blood are two different conditions. Coughing up blood is bleeding from the patient's airway due to inflammation or infection or due to trauma.
While vomiting blood, is bleeding from the digestive tract due to inflammation, injury, infection or trauma to the digestive system.
In patients with vomiting blood, can be accompanied by complaints of abdominal pain, fever, headache, pale, cold sweat, diarrhea or appetite disorders.
Whereas in patients with coughing up blood, can be accompanied by complaints of coughing, tightness, chest pain, pain for swallowing, cold sweat, severe body weight or fever.
In connection with your question, there are complaints of vomiting of blood, possibly caused by a disturbance or injury to your digestive tract. The existence of this injury, in addition to causing vomiting of blood can also cause complaints of abdominal pain, weakness, anemia, diarrhea / CHAPTER soft black, decreased appetite, fever or decreased body weight. A long-standing digestive infection or stomach irritation can trigger the risk of bleeding in your digestive tract.
If you have a history of stomach disorders, are easily stressed or anxious, like to consume spicy foods or instant foods and drinks, then these things can trigger and aggravate the complaints you feel. So the possibility of complaints that you feel is not caused by a disruption in your lungs. But complaints of sore throat can indeed be triggered by vomiting of blood or previous digestive disorders.
However, all of this needs to be done directly to your family doctor or your internal medicine specialist for physical examination and investigations so that the main cause of this complaint can be identified. Blood tests, ultrasound, or endoscopic examination can be planned to help determine your digestive condition and the cause of this complaint. Handling and care will be given by doctors according to clinical conditions and indications.
For now, avoid physical fatigue, provide soft or smooth food to help restore your digestion, and avoid spicy foods, instant foods, coffee, fried foods, and avoid instant drinks in containers.
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