Is Washing Hands Using Wet Tissue Is Effective?

Illustration of Is Washing Hands Using Wet Tissue Is Effective?
Illustration: Is Washing Hands Using Wet Tissue Is Effective?

, if you wipe your hands with alcohol for gallons, can the virus die too? wet wet tissue too? And if lap2 stuff is also good if you use both? And may you wash your hands with a tissue that has been rubbed with alcohol? What kind of alcohol wipes for gallons and wet wipes? If before eating using alcohol handwashing media is it safe to eat? Thanks :))

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Hand hygiene is an important step that must become an individual habit in every activity, both at home, in the office, on the toilet, on trips and other places and any activity. Familiarizing yourself with hand washing is one of the personal hygiene efforts that needs to be familiarized with other than bathing regularly, clean dressing and various other matters relating to personal hygiene. Personal hygiene will be more complete with good environmental hygiene and healthy lifestyles that are formed from an early age until whenever. Because these efforts become positive efforts to maintain personal and family health at large. With good personal hygiene, one of which is by washing hands regularly, the disease prevention steps from the beginning can be done, namely:

can prevent the risk of germs entering the digestive tract
Prevents the entry of germs into human mouth
Prevents bacteria from entering the respiratory tract
Prevents skin diseases
Maintain skin beauty and health

Hand washing or hand hygiene recommendations are washing hands with soap and running water for at least 20 seconds. This will help cleanse the dirt on your hands and skin and help with aseptic or holy pests on your hands and skin. The next recommendation is, if your hands are not dirty and there is no water and soap to wash your hands, you can use a hand sanitizer with 60% alcohol content. This recommendation is emphasized especially if you don't see water around you and soap around you, so you can use hand sanitizers made to meet the sacred purpose of pests. The minimum alcohol content of 60% is the standard for aseptic efforts by humans. This is caused by an alcohol content of at least 60%, which can help reduce or eliminate germs and viruses from your skin or hands. However, caution must still be used, because the use of hand sanitizers before meals can cause contact with the food you eat, which eventually chemicals and alcohol in it will enter your body. Therefore, the use of hand sanitizers with 60% alcohol content should be used after eating, except if indeed you do not find water around you. If you must use a hand sanitizer before eating, then use this hand sanitizer a few minutes before or until the surface of the hand that comes in contact with the hand sanitizer is dry, then use your spoon to eat.

For wet wipes, in an attempt to sanitize hands or use as a cloth to clean something (to clean the skin), then for wet wipes, there are no recommendations to support this step. This means, its use is not recommended to eliminate germs or microorganisms on surfaces with different purposes, especially as a substitute for hand sanitizers. Besides some wet wipes do not contain alcohol, in other products also the alcohol content does not meet for holy pest purposes such as hand sanitizers.

While gallon tissue, containing 70% alcohol content, one of the purposes of using gallon tissue is to kill E.coli germs which often pollute drinking water and cause diarrhea. And gallon tissue can be used for holy surface pests that are at risk of germ and virus contamination. However, this gallon tissue is not used for the purpose of contact with your skin, because it can cause irritation to your skin. So if you want to use gallon tissue for sanitation on the surface, then this can be done.

So in general, the use of both for hand sanitizers has no recommendations and is not the same as the goal of hand sanitizers with a minimum alcohol content of 60%. You should still use hand sanitizers that have been made for the purpose of contact with your skin and holy pests, so that they are safe for use on your skin. And you should still try the first recommendation, which is to use soap and running water.

However, if you are still unsure of the use of both, you can consult directly with your family doctor. Your doctor will provide input and recommendations for using a safe hand sanitizer for you.

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