Is Watching TV Since A 17-month-old Child Can Cause ADHD?

Illustration of Is Watching TV Since A 17-month-old Child Can Cause ADHD?
Illustration: Is Watching TV Since A 17-month-old Child Can Cause ADHD?

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Your concern about ADHD in children, especially if your 17-month-old child watches TV a lot, is not true. ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivitu disorder) itself is a mental disorder that triggers a child experiencing difficulties in focusing attention, and accompanied by impulsive and hyperactive behavior, this condition can have an impact on children's social relationships and children's achievement at school. Patients with ADHD are often found before the age of 12 years, the initial symptoms can be seen in children aged around 3 years. So for children aged 17 months, the initial symptoms of ADHD are difficult to know, usually requires evaluation for 6 months to ensure an ADHD disorder in children. However, some of the early symptoms of a child around 2 years of age or before school age can be:

The child looks overly agitated
Children often writhe
Unable to sit quietly while eating or reading a book
Often making annoying noises
Play around from one toy to another
Constantly moving frequently
Can not focus
Unfinished task

However, all this is not a sure sign, because it requires direct evaluation from a pediatrician on a regular basis.

While the causes of ADHD itself are:

Birth less months
Abnormalities in the central nervous system
Use of drugs, alcohol, smoking during pregnancy
Exposure to toxins in children

So, if your child likes to watch TV or often watch TV, then this does not cause ADHD. Because ADHD itself is often caused by a disturbance in the central nervous system / brain of children. However, children who are accustomed to watching TV, but are not accustomed to playing with their environment, can risk causing communication problems with family or people around them. As an example:

The child's speech development is disrupted, because the child sees TV more often than talks and plays with other parents or families
Children are easily afraid of meeting other people, because they rarely socialize with others
Easy to cry because it is prohibited to watch TV or told to sleep
Muscle development is not optimal because children often sit and rarely move
Model the behavior on television

If you feel anxious, or worried about your child's growth and development, then to conduct an optimal evaluation, you should consult directly with your pediatrician in the child's growth and development. The doctor will conduct interviews related to your child's habits and behavior. If the results of the child's evaluation that the doctor has done provide a reasonable indication, then there is no problem that triggers your concern. However, if the doctor discovers several things related to the risk of developmental disorders of the child, then the doctor will provide regular supervision and evaluation for your child. Thus, you can continue your doctor's plan to provide care and support your child's development and socialization.

For now, you can evaluate your child's habits, and limit your child's habits if you are just monotonous watching TV. Instead, give your time with your child in playing and doing fun things, so that your child will find new experiences in his growth and development.

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