It Hurts When The Last Drop Of Pee Is 2 Days?

Illustration of It Hurts When The Last Drop Of Pee Is 2 Days?
Illustration: It Hurts When The Last Drop Of Pee Is 2 Days? Bing

Good afternoon. I want to ask why it’s been 2 days since the last time I urinated. I should have had my period today. It’s 3 days late. What’s a sign? I’m afraid if something happens.. Please answer. Thank you

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Hello sister Tantian,

Pain during the last urination may be caused by conditions such as: Urinary tract infection with more frequent urination, burning and burning sensation when urinating, lower abdominal pain. Urethritis or urinary tract infection can be the result of germs or blisters during intercourse. Urinary tract stones can also cause pain when urinating and trigger urinary tract infections. Urethritis or urinary tract infections can be caused by the habit of frequently holding urine, not drinking enough, having unclean sex. Beware if BAK pain is also accompanied by vaginal discharge.

Late menstruation can be caused by unfit body conditions such as being sick or tired, hormonal disorders, infections of the genital organs and other disorders such as cysts. Or if you are planning to get pregnant or having sex without contraception, a missed period can signal pregnancy.

Check with a doctor, the doctor will examine the abdomen, and dig deeper into other accompanying symptoms in order to find the source of the disease. The doctor will suggest a blood hematology examination, leukocyte count, routine urine examination, if there is a thick white/yellow/greenish-smelling vaginal discharge, the doctor will suggest an examination of the vaginal discharge under a microscope and if you have had sexual intercourse or have given birth, an internal examination can be carried out. speculum or duck cocor towards the vagina.

Treatment is carried out according to the causative condition such as the use of special antibiotics for the urinary tract, or antibiotics specifically for certain germs. Administration of drugs to reduce pain and inflammation such as NSAIDs. While the time of delay in menstruation will be observed with the addition of immune supplements or supplements for the reproductive system, if menstruation is more than 3 months late, the doctor will provide other treatment after an ultrasound examination. If the signs of urinary tract infection are accompanied by signs of pregnancy, you should consult a doctor for the selection of antibiotics.

Eat nutritious foods to increase endurance, drink plenty of at least 1.5-2 liters a day and don't hold your bladder so that germs and inflammatory cells can be excreted through the urine. Take antibiotics as prescribed by your doctor. Keep the genital organs clean by rinsing from front to back with clean water, avoid polluted water such as dirty or cloudy water reservoirs. Keep the genitals of women and men clean before and after intercourse. Avoid using vaginal cleaning chemicals too often, choose the appropriate pubic PH, consult a doctor if necessary.

Hope it is useful. Click the article: maintaining feminine hygiene

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