Itching After Being Bitten By A Snake?

Illustration of Itching After Being Bitten By A Snake?
Illustration: Itching After Being Bitten By A Snake?

I want to ask 1 week ago I bit the snake but the way to heal it is not using the medical method …. This is the traditional way. But when it heals, how come it itches then in the area that is not infected with snakes. Obtny dad, doc

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Snake bites can cause reactions that are dangerous to life threatening, especially in venomous snakes. If the type of snake is unknown, the snake bite should be treated as a rattlesnake bite. Snake venom or venom can flow from the snake's fangs and flow into the bloodstream. Apart from flowing through the bloodstream, these toxins can directly damage the bitten tissue or body part and poison the nerves.

The flow of toxins through the blood vessels can cause a process that interferes with blood clotting, making it easy for bleeding to occur in the injured area. Damage to the area around the bite can result from direct infiltration of snake venom. The surrounding skin and muscle tissue can die, so surgery is needed for further treatment. Snake venom can also interfere with nerve function which, if left untreated, can cause heart failure and respiratory arrest, resulting in death. Even a small scar can be fatal to the body.

Symptoms in the bite area that can arise due to snake venom include pain, numbness, swelling, red to black or blistered skin, and feeling tight / tense. Common symptoms that can be felt if the poison spreads include weakness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea (liquid bowel movements), abdominal pain, shortness of breath, difficulty swallowing, reduced or dark colored urine, and seizures.

Medication by a shaman cannot stop the poison from flowing in the body. Treatment using non-sterile tools, such as kris, needles, etc., can actually cause infection in the wound area. Itching can be an early sign of infection. Infections that occur in the area where the snake bite wound is located can spread throughout the body, causing severe infection and resulting in death.

We recommend that you immediately go to the nearest hospital emergency room. The doctor will directly examine the condition of your wound. You will also be thoroughly examined to see how the toxins are spreading in the body. You will undergo blood tests and urine tests. You can also be asked for x-rays if necessary. You will be given anti-venom and antibiotics to treat any infections that may have already occurred. Doctors also usually give painkillers to reduce your complaints.

At home, do not try to inhale venom or cut into the bite area. Use loose clothing and avoid binding near the bite. Doing so can actually make the wound worse. Avoid alcoholic or caffeinated drinks, such as coffee, tea, and colas. The wound should also not be compressed.

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