Itching After Blood Transfusion During Childbirth?

Illustration of Itching After Blood Transfusion During Childbirth?
Illustration: Itching After Blood Transfusion During Childbirth? Bing

Hello, I’m Vindry yesterday when I gave birth I was bleeding a lot and the midwife decided to do a blood transfusion, and during the transfusion I had a fever and after the fever there was itching all over my body… guess what’s wrong with that? Is it okay if I take medicine? -medicine while breastfeeding? Guess what’s the solution?

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Hi Vindry,

Thank you for asking

One of the complications that often occurs after childbirth is excessive bleeding (more than 500 cc). This condition needs to get the right treatment because if not, it can potentially cause shock (shock) and even death. There are many factors that can cause excessive postpartum bleeding, including inadequate uterine muscle contractions (tone), perineal tears (tears), blood clotting disorders (thrombine), and tissue residue left in the uterus (tissue).

One of the ways to handle excessive postpartum bleeding is by giving blood transfusions. After the transfusion, several side effects can appear, including allergies. This allergy arises due to the immune system reacting to proteins and other components in the blood that enter the body. One of the symptoms can be in the form of itching that is felt in almost all over the body. In addition, patients often also experience skin redness, swelling, and even more severe complaints, such as shortness of breath, shock, and so on.

In addition to allergies, other post-transfusion complications can also arise, such as fever, infection, iron overload, and so on. This fever can be a normal form of inflammation in the body.

If the complaints that arise after the transfusion are only mild, the condition as you are experiencing is generally not dangerous and can be treated by giving several types of drugs, such as anti-fever, anti-inflammatory, and so on. The choice of this drug should be discussed directly with an expert, namely a doctor or obstetrician. The doctor who examines you in person certainly knows better what kind of treatment is best for you and the baby you are breastfeeding.

In the meantime, you should drink more and don't scratch your itchy skin too much. Take a shower regularly and wear clothes that are cool and absorb sweat so the itching doesn't get worse. Don't forget, don't stress and continue to breastfeed your baby exclusively.

Hope it helps ya..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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