Itching All Over The Body For Almost A Month?

Illustration of Itching All Over The Body For Almost A Month?
Illustration: Itching All Over The Body For Almost A Month?

please answer yes … I feel itchiness all over the body, I want two months, I don’t know what causes it, my allergies pay attention to all the foods I often eat from the past, the soap remains, never replaced, so is there any disease on my skin, could I take negative medication and use itching powder but it doesn’t work, the itch is small, like smallpox, but it doesn’t store water, but it has small marks, please answer what is the real cause of itching on my skin, and what should I do to make itchy could disappear … thank you, please answer

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Hello Novita, thank you for asking

Previously I was Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

Based on the complaints you feel, complaints of itching felt throughout the body there are several possible diagnoses or diseases that you experience, including:

urticaria / biduran

allergic / irritant contact dermatitis
fungal infection

Of some of these diseases, have the same main complaint, namely itching. Only the difference is the cause of each disease. The itching that arises is sometimes different.

Pruritus is a symptom that arises marked by a feeling or itchy sensation either in certain parts of the body or throughout the body so that it activates stimuli such as wanting to scratch.

Pruritus itself can be caused by several factors such as interference with the skin condition, allergic reactions, insect bites, skin infections, pregnancy, and others.

Urticaria is itching that occurs on the body accompanied by swelling in the itchy area. Typically in this urticaria, the swelling that occurs is like forming islands in the skin that is itchy.

The cause of urticaria is due to allergic reactions to factors in the environment, (dust, pollen, insect bites, or chemicals), allergies to food (nuts, seafood, eggs, and milk), stress, insect bites, effects side effects from drugs (for example antibiotics, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), and aspirin), and environmental factors (changes in hot or cold temperatures, sunlight, and water quality).

Contact dermatitis is an itching accompanied by a rash on the skin due to exposure to an irritant or an allergic reaction to certain substances. The rash caused is usually reddish.

Causes of contact dematitis are:

allergic contact dermatitis: allergens that often trigger allergic reactions are drugs, substances in the air (such as pollen), plants, metal materials in jewelry, rubber), and cosmetic ingredients (such as nail polish and hair dye)
irritant contact dermatitis: because of substances that irritate and usually occur in everyone when exposed such as vinegar, battery water, some types of soap, pesticides, etc.

Fungal infection is a disease caused by a fungal infection. Usually the symptoms that arise due to fungal infections are excessive itching. However, itching is often accompanied by rashes either reddish, or white and can also be accompanied by the appearance of spots or scales on the infected part.

In addition to the symptoms mentioned above, itching on the body that arises lasting more than two weeks should be immediately consulted by a doctor to be diagnosed and get further treatment. Some other symptoms that need to be watched for are if the itching does not heal after going through independent treatment at home, appears all over the body, and has disrupted daily activities. Itching that continues even more and more widespread and, will be very annoying so that it can cause sores and secondary infections of the skin.

At the moment some things you can do are:

Avoid excessive scratching because it can cause injury / infection.
Avoid foods that can trigger allergies even though you have no previous history of allergies to these foods (such as eggs, seafood, milk, etc.)
Do not use towels or clothing together, this is because of the possibility of an infectious infection that occurs to you.
Check with your doctor for the right treatment.
Do not use drugs that are not recommended by the doctor.

That's all the answers I give, hopefully give an illustration.

Thank you, good luck always :)

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