Itching All Over The Body Returns After The Drug Runs Out?

Illustration of Itching All Over The Body Returns After The Drug Runs Out?
Illustration: Itching All Over The Body Returns After The Drug Runs Out?

I want to go to the doctor for the consul for my itching, the doctor is caused by bacteria because it is not clean enough to keep clothes or stay, now I was given tablet medicine and the brand ointment was scabimte after I used it, it stopped itching, but after two intervals the day is back again, why do you ask for enlightenment

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Hello Aldo,

Thank you for asking

Itching is a sensation on the skin that causes the urge to scratch. Itching can be in one place or all over the body. Itching can be caused by:

Mite Infection or Scabies. This infection is caused by mites that cause itching, especially at night with a distinctive itchy spot on between the fingers, under the center, and on the skin of the testicles. This is related to lack of hygiene and can spread to people who sleep together with this sick sufferer. The medicine uses scabimite which is used at night and left for 8-14 hours, then rinsed thoroughly. Another way to prevent this disease from coming back is by: Drying the bed in the sun Changing pillowcases and bed linen regularly Washing clothes and drying them in the sun. Bathing regularly with soap. There are various bacterial infections of the skin with a variety of skin lesions. The skin lesions can include pimples or pus-filled bubbles. Treatment with giving antibiotics to drink and antibiotic ointment Ringworm or tinea. Tinea is a fungal infection characterized by itching when sweating. The medicine uses drinking antifungal and antifungal ointments. Tinea can affect the head, nails, and whole body by forming lesions like islets. Panu. Tinea versicolor is a Malassezia furfur fungal infection with a sign that the skin lesions turn white or reddish itching. Panu can hit the face and whole body. Candidiasis. This candida yeast infection is usually found in skin folds such as the armpits, under the breasts, and in the groin. This infection is characterized by itching and moisture in the affected area. Allergy. Allergy itching can be obtained after consuming certain drugs or foods. Itching can be all over the body. Contact dermatitis. Itching in contact dermatitis can be caused by the use of soap, detergent, perfume, powder, or lotion. As for other causes such as body parts from dead insects, it can also cause itching. We recommend that you re-consult the situation you are experiencing to a dermatologist. Examinations require an interview, physical examination, and additional examinations:

Blood to see any infection or allergy skin scrapings (skin smear) That is the explanation I can give. Hopefully it can answer the question.


dr. Kresnawati Wahyu Setiono

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