Itching All Over The Body When In A Cold Room?

Hello, I want to ask … I used to work in a food factory where the air-conditioned room temperature was high then I often bumped into it accompanied by itching, only 15 minutes later I immediately recovered, maybe a cold allergy … It got worse when I crossed the flooded area and dirty, whether it’s a suggestion that spreads to the itcher’s arm, even though it wasn’t exposed to flood water … It got worse after I showered, all areas of my body were itchy and swollen, so I just saw the water aroused weh itchy, until I rarely showered, used it warm water pin the same after the bumps I have checked with the doctor only given the usual itching medicine, because when I went to the doctor the bumps were gone, even though before that in the waiting room I had bumps …. I stopped working there, then worked in an air-conditioned room the usual … It’s been about a year I don’t feel itchy anymore, if I hit the flood area it’s also normal again …. Yesterday I took a motorbike to the Pangalengan area, it was cold, I became itchy again … D I ignored the urination for a long time and warmed myself thinking that when my body temperature was warm then I was healed … Yesterday I was caught in the rain on a motorbike and I bumped all over my body, now my question is why is it? Am I allergic to water? Or just suggestions? So what food or medicine can cure my allergy? If possible, that’s because I don’t really like medicine, thank you

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From the information you conveyed, there are complaints of itching that arise when you are in an air-conditioned room, a cold room, or in a cold environment, it is possible that this itching complaint can be triggered by cold temperatures. After the cold temperature clears up or your body warms up, these complaints may lessen or disappear. Like when you told a story, in a doctor's waiting room with a cold temperature, your itching complaint appeared, but after meeting the doctor your itching complaint disappeared. By controlling the temperature around you, it is hoped that it can reduce the itching complaints that may occur.

Some of the steps you can consider are:

1. Wear warm clothes that are comfortable for you

2. Use a mask when you are in a cool room

3. avoid physical fatigue

4. Avoid sleeping late

5. avoid stress

6. Doing regular exercise

7. If you are not familiar with medicine, then you can try using baking soda, witch hazel, garlic, sweet potatoes, apples, turmeric

However, if your complaints persist and bother you, you should consult directly with your dermatologist. And you should still provide medication from your doctor to reduce itching that doesn't have a drowsy effect. You can use this drug as an emergency condition where your itching complaints have not improved.

That is the information we can convey, read also itching and food to reduce itching complaints.

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