Itching “allergic Or What?

Illustration of Itching “allergic Or What?
Illustration: Itching “allergic Or What?

Morning doc, I want to ask..what is itchiness “in my body which is often in the palm of my hand sometimes but swollen but not swollen ” really, then itching on the head, back, chest, around the waist u0026amp; thighs, sometimes also face to face, chin u0026amp; forehead bump “” I already went to the clinic but it turned out that white blood and red blood were not balanced, I already had 3hrs of medication but it didn’t heal “” What is this allergy, doc, if I may know ?? and dangerous or not ?? thanks doc

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Hello Tari,

Thank you for the question.

Need to be clarified, what kind of conditions do you mean by white blood cells and red blood cells that are not balanced? Did the doctor explain this? Or is that just your conclusion?

Itching that is often felt in several parts of the body accompanied by slight swelling can occur due to many factors, for example allergies, insect bites, skin infections (for example folliculitis, scabies, impetigo, fungi, chicken pox), infections of other organ systems, prickly heat, atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, hormonal disorders, psychological disorders, xerosis, liver disorders, kidney disorders, and so on. The imbalance of white blood cells and red blood cells that you mentioned are not specific in reference to the symptoms of certain diseases, nor do they always cause itchy skin as you are complaining now.

It's best if you try to overcome your itch first by:

Bath that is more diligent and cleaner, choose a soap that contains moisturizer, then rinse thoroughly clean with good quality water
Use clothes that are soft, not tight, and also clean
Do not carelessly exchange towels, clothes, and toiletries with others
Do not scratch and rub excessively your itchy skin
Increase relaxation, drink water, and get enough rest
Reduce the consumption of foods that trigger itching first, for example eggs, seafood, nuts, chocolate
Avoid if there are things that make you allergic
Keep the environment around you clean
Relieve itching by applying calamine lotion to your itchy body (but make sure it does not affect the eye, nose, mouth, pubic, and anal area)

If with the steps above, your itching has not subsided, do not hesitate to go back to see your doctor or dermatologist so that it is treated further according to the cause.

I hope this helps.

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