Itching And A Rash On The Chicken Pox Wound That Is Almost Cured?

Hello, I am 28 years old r n r nI want to ask, I am now suffering from chickenpox and have been walking for 5 days, I have already been to the doctor and the drug has run out, only 1 drug of zeroipo but 1 day forgetfulness is not consumed because I consume adem sari because of deep heat, and suddenly at night there were a lot of rashes and itching very much in the area of ​​the thighs and hands, is this okay or because I forgot to take the medicine so allergies occur. Please answer. thank you

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Hi En,

Thank you for asking

Chickenpox is caused by a Varicella zoster virus infection. In people with good endurance, this disease will generally recover in 1 to 2 weeks, of course, with the right treatment. Clinically, chicken pox is characterized by the appearance of reddish-colored bubbles that contain fluid in almost the entire body. These bubbles often break, then dry, leaving a scab. Not infrequently, people with chickenpox will also experience itching, sensation of being unwell, decreased appetite, more sensitive to light, weakness, and so on.

Treatment for chickenpox is mainly done by administering anti-viral drugs to eradicate the virus that causes it. In some cases, other drugs can also be added according to complaints that arise, including antibiotics (for example Nolipo containing Lincomycin) if a secondary infection with bacterial infection is suspected. This treatment you should do with discipline as advised by your doctor to optimize healing.

Forgetting taking medicine one time shouldn't cause you to experience complaints such as the itchy rash that you are experiencing right now. Most likely, the itchy rash arises from the course of chicken pox you are experiencing, or also due to other causes, such as skin infections, contact dermatitis, allergies, atopic dermatitis, insect or other animal bites, drug eruptions, and so on.

If your complaint feels very disturbing, you should check yourself back to your doctor or dermatologist huh .. Possibly, the doctor can add several types of drugs or conduct additional tests, for example allergy testing, laboratory, and so on if needed.

At this time, you can first live the following tips:

Avoid scratching the rash that appears
Bathing diligently, don't over-rub your skin
Dry your body well after bathing, then dress in soft clothing and absorb sweat
Change your towels and clothes regularly
Do not use drugs carelessly unless recommended by a doctor
To help reduce the itching on the rash that appears, you can sprinkle salicyl powder first
Manage your stress well
Drink a lot
Eat fruits that are rich in vitamin C more
Do not always consume foods that contain high protein, such as seafood, egg yolks, or nuts because it can aggravate itching

Hope this helps ...

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