Itching And Freckles Filled With Water In The Scars?

when last month I was in an accident, my ankle wound u0026amp; my knee has healed, but now it relapsed and itchy and appeared a small amount of water filled with herpes and feet, so my knee is swollen? What should I try to treat? Now it even itches all over the body.

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Hello Vindy Thank you for asking

Red skin spots accompanied by itching can occur anywhere in the body and can be caused by a variety of factors such as infection, due to allergic reactions or exposure to allergens, exposure to irritants, immune system disorders, and the effects of drugs.

Because the various causes of the condition are certainly needed direct examination by a doctor to find out the cause. Further screening includes direct examination of the skin condition, as well as further interviews following previous medical history, history of allergies, history of exposure to substances suspected of being irritants or allergens, and other complaints that accompany them.

Itchy skin spots can be caused by various causes, for example:

Contact dermatitis Scabies atopic dermatitis, a skin irritation condition due to parasitic infections caused by mites that causes itching complaints, especially at night that can spread throughout the body Skin fungal infections, fungal infections of the skin can occur anywhere where the fungus is causing complaints of itching and lesei kemrahan accompanied by pimple besides that some fungal skin infections can also be transmitted Impetigo, skin infections caused by bacteria Diseases with red spots on the skin accompanied by itching caused by infection need to get treatment so as not to cause further skin damage and also do not transmit to others. So it is better if you have such a skin condition, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist to get the right and appropriate treatment.

In addition, the treatment that is done will depend on the cause, for example skin infections due to bacterial bacteria treated with antibiotics. Meanwhile, if the cause is an allergic reaction, anti-inflammatory drugs are also needed to anti-histamine separately to reduce symptoms. Therefore, do not hesitate to consult a doctor. for appropriate handling.

For one thing, here are some things you can do to reduce the itching symptoms, namely:

Do not scratch the itchy part, because if scratched can cause injury and infection Compress with a cold wet towel on the itchy and swollen part Use a moisturizer suitable for body, because dry skin will trigger itching and irritation. Wear non-tight clothing and made from cotton or absorb sweat Take a warm bath and use a soap that does not contain much detergent or deodorant That's the answer from us, hopefully useful

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