Itching And Not Lost

Illustration of Itching And Not Lost
Illustration: Itching And Not Lost

Good night dock, I want to ask. Already 2 months I have experienced itching from the lower neck to my body and the itching accompanied by bumps like pimples. Even though I don’t have any allergies. Strangely my sister and my mother felt the same way, but they were gone while I was still there. Is there a medicine that I need to take dock? Because it feels so itchy, doc

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Good evening, thanks for asking at Complaints that you experience can occur due to several possibilities, including:

Insect bite
Nummularis dermatitis
Tinea corporis
Fungal skin infections

Allergies may still occur before the examination is done. Our advice, you should try to handle by cold pressing the itchy area and sprinkling salicyl powder or applying calamine lotion. In addition, also maintain the cleanliness of the environment where you live, especially your room.

If the condition still persists in the next few days, or even worsens, check with a dermatologist to see firsthand the form of the complaint and handled according to your needs. This is important to avoid misunderstanding in diagnosing and handling. So, hopefully answering your question.

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