Itching And Pain In Keloids.?

Illustration of Itching And Pain In Keloids.?
Illustration: Itching And Pain In Keloids.?

Good night, I have a problem with my hand, which is keloid scar. But after 14 years it still remains itchy and often hurts, what should I do about the advice?

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When lulka occurs, the body will form connective tissue to cover the wound, in some cases, the formation of connective tissue occurs excessively and rises on the surface of the skin that forms keloids. in some people keloids can cause a lump, pain and itching, and in some others do not cause symptoms but a consideration of aesthetic reasons.

Generally keloids are benign, but if there is continued growth and development in size, this can be a sign of possible malignancy. Not much can be done alone in overcoming keloids because most of the treatments require medical treatment by a dermatologist.

you need to consider is, reduce hesekan on the keloit, both with clothing and with other body parts, use a moisturizer to maintain skin moisture including the keloid, avoid prolonged sun exposure, multiply water consumption

If the complaint that you feel is disturbing and has not improved, you should check with a dermatologist for further examination and treatment that is further related to your condition.

So much information from me, hopefully it helps.

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