Itching And Swelling In The Genital Area.?

Illustration of Itching And Swelling In The Genital Area.?
Illustration: Itching And Swelling In The Genital Area.?

I want to ask about my age around 20 years, I want to ask my genitals for two days, I felt itchy and now it’s a little swollen. Please answer please thanks🙏

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Hi Rudi

Thank you for asking

Itching and swelling around the genitals can indicate inflammation. The trigger could be due to the following things:

Allergies, for example due to contact with soap, clothing, sexual lubricants, condoms
Infections, such as folliculitis, candidiasis, scabies, miliaria, tinea cruris, genital herpes, genital warts
Irritation, for example due to scratching too tight, friction with clothes or thighs on a fat person, using clothes that are too tight or made rough, excessive sexual relations
Insect or other animal bites
Drug eruption
Injury, and so on

This condition is often harmless and can improve with the following treatments:

Do not scratch the itchy genitals, let alone squeeze the swelling carelessly
Clean genitals properly, when bathing, when you have finished urinating, when you have had sex, just use good quality water, no need to use soap or perfume carelessly
Shave your pubic hair regularly
Always wear pants and underwear made from soft, clean, and regularly replaced
Don't exchange personal items with other people
Don't do risky sex
Avoid carelessly using chemicals around the genitals
Do not carelessly consume drugs without a doctor's prescription

However, if the above steps do not succeed in alleviating your complaints within 1 to 3 days, do not hesitate to check your complaints directly to the doctor or specialist skin and genitals to be given the best solution, ok?

I hope this helps.

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