Itching Around The Vagina Until Blackened?

Illustration of Itching Around The Vagina Until Blackened?
Illustration: Itching Around The Vagina Until Blackened?

I want to ask you, my cousin has a problem in the area of ​​the vagina, itchy, then I get out of sweat, so I also can’t hold back the itching so that it scratches, so I also turn black, so what’s the solution? For my spupu, I haven’t been married yet

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Itching in the genital area can indicate poor hygiene, moist conditions in the genital area. In addition, itching in the vagina can be caused by several possibilities, including viral infections, fungal infections, bacterial infections of the genital organs, vaginal cleaning fluid, menstrual sanitary napkins, chemicals from soap, sexually transmitted diseases, scabies, irritant reactions in toilet paper, psychological stress.

It is necessary to do further examination regarding the condition of your cousin, it is recommended to carry out control to the doctor or specialist skin and genitals related to the examination and management related to the condition. Supporting examinations can be done such as blood tests, urine tests, vaginal secretions / fluid examination to look for the underlying cause of complaints and clinical symptoms experienced.

There are several things that can be done to help prevent itching in the genitals, including avoiding excessive scratching of the genital organs because they can cause injury, routinely changing dry and clean underwear, made from fine cotton, avoiding sexual relations with more than one partner, avoiding sexually transmitted diseases, cleaning the buttock area after defecation toward the back, avoid using self-medication without doctor's instructions. For more information on genital itching, please access this link.

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