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I’m still young, 21 years old, I want to ask a question, the soles of my feet are itchy and red since the baby is 6 months old. Until now it’s not getting better, doctor, until I have had a child. One hasn’t healed, Even though the itching is only a little, but when I scratch it it hurts and it gets a lot red. It’s so sad, how do you prevent it, yes, thank you

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Hello Dyach,

Thanks for asking

Itching or known as pruritus that appears on the skin can be caused by various conditions. Itching can be a sign or symptom that occurs on the skin itself and can also be a sign of certain medical conditions in the body. Here are briefly some conditions that can be thought of as the cause of itching:

The skin type itself. Dry skin conditions can cause itching. The use of strong antiseptic soap causes dry skin. In addition, hot air conditions and lack of body hydration can cause skin dryness.

There is repeated friction on the soles of the feet. The skin on the soles of the feet is very susceptible to dryness and if the use of shoes or other footwear that is not suitable, it can cause repeated friction and exacerbate dry skin conditions and cause itching complaints. Allergies to certain foods.

Allergy to cold air or other substances such as dust, smoke or other types of pollution.

Signs of an allergy to soap or lotion used for the skin. Lotion containing fragrance or bleach can trigger skin irritation which is characterized by itching and rashes. A skin rash that can appear in the form of red spots, hives, or small water-filled spots known as vesicles.

Chronic inflammation of the skin, also known as atopic dermatitis or eczema. This condition can last from childhood to adulthood. However, in general it is repeated and triggered by certain conditions or certain allergies.

Presence of skin infection. Either viral, bacterial or fungal infections. Typically in viral infections appear watery spots such as smallpox, the presence of bacterial infections can be characterized by the presence of ulcers, and in fungal infections, the presence of red spots and covered with dry skin. This condition can recur and if indeed the type of skin that is scaly can cause repeated infections.

Insect stings or bites

The presence of certain disease conditions, such as impaired kidney function, liver disorders, hormonal disorders or iron deficiency anemia can occur. All of these conditions are of course accompanied by other complaints and in general the itching that is felt can occur all over the body. And the need for a detailed examination to ensure these conditions.

The presence of certain conditions of stress or depression or psychological pressure.

Complaints of itching that you feel at this time can be caused by some of the conditions above or the presence of other underlying medical conditions. Prevent it by paying attention to the presence or absence of triggers or types of allergens that trigger itching starting from the air, food, the type of material from shoes or footwear, soap or lotion you use. In addition, it is necessary to have a direct examination by a doctor to assess the type of skin rash that appears on your skin so that appropriate and optimal treatment can be carried out. Keep a healthy lifestyle and avoid stress.

That's all I can say, hopefully useful.

Regards, dr. Tiwi

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