Itching For Days And Food Allergies Contain Protein?

Illustration of Itching For Days And Food Allergies Contain Protein?
Illustration: Itching For Days And Food Allergies Contain Protein?

, I experienced itching – itching all over my body had entered the 3rd month, the first month u0026amp; the second itching is still rare but it entered in the third month tptnya after marriage I experienced unusual large bumps all over my body including the face u0026amp; head. Once I went to the clinic, the doctor checked that I was allergic to the genetic cause of my mother, and said I was allergic to protein, and I was given medicine. But the medicine doesn’t always affect me, I can even sleep all day because of the medicine. After the drug was used up, urticaria in my body did not recover and even happened every day which interfered with my work activities. straight. Please help, answer, thank you

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Hi Azharysarah,

Thank you for asking

Itching and large bumps on almost the entire body are often caused by allergic reactions. Not only genetic (heredity), environmental factors also contribute to this. Usually, the diagnosis of allergies is made by the exclusion method, that is, after removing the possibility of other diagnoses. Some tests, including allergy tests, can also be done so that it is clear what exactly substances that cause allergies.

Clinical manifestations of allergies can vary, ranging from mild to severe. In mild conditions, often you will only experience itching and bumps. However, in more severe cases, complaints can also appear shortness of breath, palpitations, blurred vision, weak pulse, vomiting, and so on.

Not only allergies, the symptoms that you experience can also arise due to other triggers, such as insect bites or other animals, stress (both due to excessive physical activity or severe mental pressure), side effects of drugs, immune system disorders, disorders of the thyroid gland , kidney, liver, and so on. Depending on the cause, this condition can be treated with a variety.

If it is true that your complaint arises due to allergies, in fact, until now, there are no specific steps that can be done to treat it. Handling allergies is mainly done by avoiding the originator of the allergen. In your case, if the doctor says you are allergic to foods that contain high protein, you should limit consumption of these foods, for example egg yolks, seafood, organ meats, and so on. Of course, it is not allowed not to consume at all. You can consume these foods in small amounts as long as they do not cause severe allergic reactions. In addition, your doctor can also give you several types of drugs to relieve complaints when symptoms of allergies recur.

Overcoming allergies often can not be done in a short way. It takes a lot of patience from you to avoid triggering your allergies as much as possible. Stress management, good personal hygiene, maintaining endurance so that you are always fit, and so on, you also need to do. If this you do not live well, of course allergy symptoms can always recur and recur.

It is better if you consult directly with your doctor or dermatologist so that you evaluate more precisely what conditions trigger your complaint. That way, the doctor can certainly give you the best management according to your condition. Avoid taking any medication without direct advice from your doctor so that complaints don't get worse. Do not forget, always maintain your personal hygiene, do not stress or worry excessively, get enough rest, always use clothing made from soft and loose, and do a healthy lifestyle so that the immune system is always primed. To help you relieve itching and bumps on the skin, you can first apply calamine lotion or sprinkle salicyl powder on your skin that has complaints.

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